Tournament Sport

Natural high performance sports hardwood flooring, which is intended for facilities used for training and holding professional competitions of all kinds, including international tournaments for team sports such as basketball, volleyball, handball, squash etc.

The flooring is based on solid hardwood strip flooring 19.05 mm x 57.15 mm (or 82.55 mm) x 300…1845 mm. The flooring is installed over highly resistant plywood base, reinforced with resilient plywood sleepers and shock-absorbing elements of variable rigidity. Tournament Pro Sport has a “deck”-style surface pattern.

Technical Characteristic Value
Construction height, mm 53
Species Oak, Ash, Hard Maple
Hardwood flooring dimensions, mm 57,15(82,55)х300…1845
Hardwood flooring thickness, mm 19,05
Color / Finish Natural / Resilient Sport Lacquer
Shock absorption, % 64 | EN 14808
Vertical deformation, mm 3,1 | EN 14809
Friction, nominal unit 94 | EN 13036-4
Ball bounce, % 93 | EN 12235
Rolling load, mm 0,21 | EN 1569
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